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Members Party - 2005

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Back: Jeff, Harris, Rich, Linda, Cem, James, Jim
Front: Lou, Jeff

Rich, Cem, Dale and Lou

Harris, ?, Rich, James, Dale and Lou

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Member's Recital 2005

Cem Duruöz and James Baird

Quintet: Linda, Jeff, Alan, Jim and Rich

Ben Lebov

Linda and Alan Kessler

Doug Moe

Jim Olden

Jeff Lewis

Rich Vencus

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Connecticut Classical Guitar Society 20th Anniversary Guitarathon

Ensemble 1: Alan Kessler, Rich Vencus, Jim Olden, Jeff Hiotakis, Jeff Lewis, Linda Kessler

Ensemble 2: James Baird, Rich Vencus, Linda Kessler, Jeff Hiotakis, Jeff Lewis, Jim Olden

The Band: Alan Kessler, Linda Kessler, Jeff Lewis, James Baird, Jeff Hiotakis, Jim Olden (where's Rich V?)

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